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The Oddness That Is Vernacular Sex

27 Jul 2016 | By The Weatherman

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There goes an odd story of two Kuyu (Kikuyu) ladies who were made to have sex with each other in front of a guy (who was obviously very kinky). And because the man couldn’t understand their language, the two ladies would pretend to be ‘enjoying’ their act when really, all they were saying out loud was “Ngai njohera! Ngai Njohera!” translated to mean, “God forgive me.”

They were ashamed of their act and were obviously doing it for the money. As a side hustle.

Which brings to mind: have you ever walked around town and saw these posters that advertise vernacular sex? Apparently a video CD goes for 200 bob. And there’s a number provided that you can call to slot in an order.

Such companies provide the ‘entertainment’ in all Kenyan languages; Luo, Kuyu, Kao, Kisii, and even in Kalenjin – you name it, they’ve got it.

The thought of watching sex in vernacular language sounds strange, right? Almost as if all you’d do is try to understand what they’re saying as opposed to what they’re doing.

It’s actually a little funny. I mean, if we laugh at jokes about guys who have sex in Sheng’, then how hilarious would it be when it’s done in vernacular?

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