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Newbie Afro Songstress Noni Releases New Song, ‘What Mama Said’

08 Aug 2016 | By Nasidai Kidali


Facebook: NONI

Afro Soul singer and songwriter Noni has released her second single yet, ‘What Mama Said’. In the song, she sings about how her mother advised her to keep away from men whose actions failed to reflect their words.

“My mum always used to tell me that a man will show you that he loves you through his actions, and not just with his words,” says Noni. “I once dated someone who did this to me, and one day I woke up with an ‘Aha!’ moment and remembered what mum always told me.”

Without a doubt, ‘What Mama Said’ is a very smooth, emotionally-evocative and lyrical song. It’s the type of song that gives you the courage to leave a relationship that isn’t working out.

‘What Mama Said’ has just the right touch of anger, pain and yet, pleasure to it. It shows the true mark of the singer and songwriter that Noni is.

“I always say that you should be brave enough to leave someone when it’s not working out. And even if you’re scared, then just do it scared. After some time, you’ll feel the best you’ve ever felt. That’s where I am, currently,” adds Noni.

And she couldn’t have put it any better! Take a listen to the official audio of Noni’s ‘What Mama Said’ here:

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