Afro-Pop sensation Ndegz is making a triumphant return to the music scene, teaming up with Kenyan Hip-Hop icon Abbas Kubaff for their latest collaboration, "Creep." This Dancehall-infused track explores the moral dilemma of pursuing love while committed elsewhere. Ndegz, known for his vocal prowess, enlists Abbas, a lyrical genius, to add a poetic touch to the narrative. After a six-year hiatus, Ndegz expresses gratitude to fans for their enduring support. The track, a confession of thirst, deceit, and vulnerability, showcases Ndegz's multi-layered vocal harmonies, creating an irresistible banger. Reflecting on the inspiration behind "Creep," Ndegz tells KenyaBuzz, "It's a song about the moral dilemma of infidelity—a reality many can relate to." The unexpected collaboration with Abbas Kubaff, a Kenyan Hip-Hop pioneer, adds another layer to the track's allure. Ndegz, an avid fan of Abbas, seized the opportunity to work with the legend, turning a chance encounter into a studio session and the creation of "Creep." Excited about his return, Ndegz promises more music and live performances, aiming to connect with fans on a deeper level. He plans a series of gigs for an authentic Ndegz experience, signaling a thrilling chapter in his musical journey. Listen HERE

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