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Nairobi: Kenya’s Ace in the Hole

27 Nov 2014

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Nairobi is Kenya’s biggest city – and it’s quite the stunner. Nairobi is in equal parts modern and wild, having seen increasing modernisation turn it into a truly 21st century city while also keeping its crown as a world-renowned centre for safari expeditions. The mountain forest, shimmering lakes and stretching savannahs of the Nairobi National Park offer tourists a chance to get up close and personal with Kenya’s rich abundance of wildlife, along with magnificent coral reef beaches and snowy mountains, while the city itself offers all the luxuries and mod-cons of a truly modern metropolis – with some world class casinos to boot.

Nairobi caters to a high class of visiting international travellers. There has been a thriving casino industry in Kenya since the 1960s, and Nairobi showcases some of the finest modern international casinos in the country and in East Africa. The city attracts players from all over the world, who come to try their hand at the wide variety of games on offer, from traditional casino favourites to state of the art modern technology. Many casinos are partnered with 5-star resorts and hotels, offering an incredible amount of elegance and luxury for the discerning customer.

A casino environment at your very fingertips

However, it’s not just in the casinos that this glittering array of fast paced and fun games can be found. And, unlike a traditional casino, clients don’t have to wear a suit and tux – unless they really want to.

Online casinos like Springbokcasino offer the same adrenaline rush of playing the big time right from the comfort of a living room or study, bringing the very best of today’s new technology and the timeless casino favourites to the simple click of a mouse or touch of a button. It brings everything that’s on offer in the most luxurious Nairobi casino right to a computer screen, no matter where that might be. Online gaming continues to grow in popularity, and introduces many new players into a richly diverse gaming environment, in which to hone their skills and develop their individuality without any of the pressure of a normal casino. It’s fast, it’s interactive, and newcomers are given great introductory deals.

The games themselves offer a much wider selection than a client might find in a casino. There’s far greater potential for variety, and can include games with a local flavour, or truly exotic inventions, the likes of which wouldn’t have even been heard of in a Nairobi casino.

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