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MyFinda: An App for Kenyans by Kenyans

17 Jun 2016 | By Tim Mworia | @timworia

MyFinda App Review

MyFinda, a new Kenyan app created by Pakistan-born Maliha Sheikh through her Finda Mobile Application Limited has just launched. It is a platform designed to give its Kenyan users access to timely and useful information.

MyFinda incorporates some nifty features. I especially liked the Weather, Jokes and News sections. Others like the Currency and Unit Converter features I found to be unnecessary since most, if not all phones now come with those in-built features.

One of the apps most unique products is the business subscription package that allows you to share handy information about your business. Depending on your plan, ranging from basic to platinum, MyFinda allows you to update information such as your business location, directions, deals and offers, contacts, career opportunities, just to mention a few.

Visually, the app is appealing. The design is simple and employs a classic black background. The category logos are prominent, playfully colourful and inviting. Overall, the apps Dashboard has great UI and is user friendly. It’s easy to see, even from the app’s logo, that Maliha and her team of developers have an eye for design.

However, the beautiful interface only glosses over the technical issues on the inside. I had major issues with the filter feature. It obviously needs some major work. It should first and foremost choose to either be a drop down menu or a type and search, not a hybrid of both.

Maliha Sheikh
MyFinda creator Maliha Sheikh

In terms of content, the app needs to be populated and regularly updated. The Directory section in particular is very limited. Admittedly, as I can vouch from my experience with the KenyaBuzz business directory database, it’s not a feature that is built in one day. It takes constant work and trust between platform and business owners.

Nonetheless, the creators of the MyFinda app decided to take on the taxing directory feature so it’s up to them to take up the challenge and make it worthwhile for their users.

Also, although I enjoyed the news aggregator, it can also be improved. Some sections within it display old news and the stories do not display in full once you click through.

My verdict: If and when everything about the MyFinda app works as intended, it could be a really useful app for Kenyans. It needs to drop the deadweight features and focus on what makes its services unique.

You can download MyFinda free of cost on both Android and iOS.

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