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Mumbi Maina on Her Biggest Role Yet and Why ‘Sense8’ Was So Special to Her

05 Jul 2017 | By Levis Ryan

Mumbi Maina Sense8 Interview

KENYABUZZ: Hi, Mumbi, first of all let me just say it’s such an honour to be talking to you right now. Your performance in the second season of Sense8 was phenomenal.
MUMBI: Hello! And thank you!

KENYABUZZ: What’s your favourite TV show to watch right now? 
MUMBI: Game of Thrones

KENYABUZZ: How would you describe Sense8 for people who haven’t seen it? 
MUMBI: Sense8 is a drama series based on 8 strangers from 8 different parts of the world who find themselves connected to each other with the ability to share one another's thoughts and gifts.

KENYABUZZ: Were you a Sense8 fan before Season 2? 
MUMBI: Yes, a huge fan!

Mumbi Maina Sense8 Interview
Zakia, a local news journalist is involved with Capheus (Toby Onwumere), one of the sensates

KENYABUZZ: How did you get the role of Zakia in the show?
MUMBI: I was called for an audition. After two call backs, one of which they flew me and the other actress to Berlin for the final decision, I got the role.

KENYABUZZ: There's a lot going on with Zakia. Tell me about the character and what she means to you.
MUMBI: I fell in love with the character Zakia as soon as I got the script. She is a strong, educated and empowered African woman. I loved her authenticity and open mindedness.

KENYABUZZ: What was your biggest challenge and triumph with this role?
MUMBI: My biggest challenge was actually self-inflicted. I put a lot of pressure on myself in the hopes of giving my best for the character. My biggest triumph was being directed by Lana Wachowski and Tom Tykwer.

KENYABUZZ: When you first got the script and saw that you had to do a love scene, what went through your mind?
MUMBI: I felt it was a great opportunity to tell a beautiful love story and portray it through art.

Mumbi Maina Sense8 Interview

KENYABUZZ: What was it like working with the legendary Wachowskis?
MUMBI: I met Lana Wachowski during my second and third (final) audition. It was mind blowing. She has an amazing mind.

KENYABUZZ: Who’s your favourite character from the show? Except Zakia of course. 
MUMBI: Goodness that's a tough one! All of the characters bring something so special to the show. I'm torn between Lito, Wolfgang and Sun.

KENYABUZZ: Same here, Lito is so lovable.
MUMBI: Absolutely!

KENYABUZZ: What are some of the challenges you’ve come across in the Kenyan TV and film industry?
MUMBI: Some of the challenges I've come across are diverse show. There was a time that getting a show that was "outside the norm" was very difficult. I believe producers are more open now than they were before.

Mumbi Maina Sense8 Interview

KENYABUZZ: How have you dealt with these challenges?
MUMBI: I'm working on producing my own shows.

KENYABUZZ: What do you like to do for fun?
MUMBI: I enjoy swimming, dancing, eating... a lot haha

KENYABUZZ: What’s one super weird thing that you would love your fans to know about you?
MUMBI: My friends say I have epic OCD, they're always laughing at me about it.

KENYABUZZ: Thank you so much for your time Mumbi.
MUMBI: Of course, it was my pleasure.

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