Parenting in Nairobi can be alienating. The gated communities and crazy traffic make it challenging for parents to find support and a sense of community as they navigate the often overwhelming experience of raising children. That's where mum pods come in.
Mum pods, also known as parenting communities or support groups, are a growing phenomenon in Nairobi. These groups bring together parents who are looking for a supportive network of fellow caregivers to share their experiences, offer advice, and provide emotional support.
Mum pods can take many forms, from online forums and Facebook groups to in-person meetups and events. Some groups are organized around specific topics or interests, such as breastfeeding or single parenting, while others are more general in nature. Regardless of their focus, all mum pods share a common goal: to create a sense of community and support for parents in Nairobi.
One of the benefits of joining a mum pod is the opportunity to connect with other parents who are going through similar experiences. This can be particularly helpful for new parents who may feel isolated or overwhelmed as they adjust to life with a baby. By sharing their struggles and triumphs with other parents, they can gain valuable insights, advice, and empathy.
Mum pods can also provide a sense of belonging and social connection. In a city as large and fast-paced as Nairobi, it can be easy to feel disconnected from others. Mum pods offer a space where parents can come together to bond over shared experiences and interests, forming lasting friendships in the process.
Parenting resource center Strong Start facilitates micro pods for mums and their little ones across Nairobi  in the following neighbourhoods:
Spring Valley Pod
Ages: 15M - 24M
Mornings: Mon & Wed
Muthaiga Pod
Ages: 15M - 24M
Rosslyn Pod
Ages: 18M - 2.5Y
Westlands Pod
Ages: 3M - 6M (mums only)
Inquiries: +254717911583

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