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Best Moments From Nairobi Diaries Season 2

08 Jul 2016 | By Nasidai Kidali

It was refreshing to see new faces on the Nairobi Diaries but I can't decide who the baddest reality show personality is from the new cast. Everyone seems to have a level of insanity going on.

The show is currently on a two week break after the conclusion of Season 2. Season 3 will premiere this coming Monday the 11th of July. Have a look at the most memorable moments from Nairobi Diaries Season 2.

|That Pendo and Michelle Yola fight at Yola's work place. Talk about the 'coolest' boss ever!

Please don't try this at work!

| Ella's elegant entrance- Nita ride Boda Boda!

| Ella Fell!... Again!


| Getty's Face...

| When Molly schooled us about real human hair extension... we totally ignored her synthetic weave

| Judy's dress at the reunion... Wow!

|  Marjoline's Kiss... Still too composed... Where is the dirt?

| Rida schooling dumb Kenyans...'MAR-JO-LINEThat's how you say her name you dumb Kenyans'.

| That moment when Pendo carried 'The Blue Slipper' in her bag. That's the ghetto princess for you!

| Judy's blab about her and Pendo being f**k buddies in the past... Hmmm who is Papa from Riverside?

| When Judy felt attacked... To fake cry or not?...

|  While Pendo wept... Yola slept!

Nairobi Diaries Season 2

|  How does Rida make such noises with her mouth? Was she eating while at the confessionals?

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