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‘Minions’ Review: Sandra Bullock Poops an Otherwise Good Party

24 Jul 2015 | By Wangechi Maina

‘Minions’ Review: Sandra Bullock Poops an Otherwise Good Party
‘Minions’ Review: Sandra Bullock Poops an Otherwise Good Party

The sidekicks who tickled audiences yellow in the Despicable Me films get their own spinoff in this movie that acts as the original. We’re taken to the beginning where we see the creation and evolution of the minions whose sole reason for existing is to serve the most despicable master they can find.

We see them serving villains during various times through history: Jurassic era, Stone Age, Ancient Egypt... but the minions keep accidentally killing their masters prompting them to self-exile in Antarctica to experiment with a master-free existence. The boring history lesson is made bearable through the guidance of a voice-over and a series of hilarious visual gags.

Sadly, Minions filmmakers don’t have enough faith in these loveable creatures to allow them to solely carry the day. When the minions become depressed without a master to serve, three of their own (Kevin, Staurt and Bob) go off in search of the biggest, baddest of all to save their kind.

This sees them interacting with humans as they go through adventures from New York and Florida to London. The minions are most hilarious when left to their own devices and their human co-stars just come in to ruin the oddballs’ party. Sandra Bullock voices the first female super villain Scarlet Overkill, a boring character without personality. Worse yet, her villainous schemes become the focus of Minions. Her husband Herb, voiced by John Hamm also fails to impress; he is named after a plant after all. Their voice work passes but they’re forgettable as far as antagonists go.

The biggest spectacle goes down in London involving the title characters, Bullock’s Scarlet, the Queen herself and her Crown Jewels. Imaginative set-pieces combine silly slapstick and mature jokes in equal measure to keep both young and older audiences satisfied. Overall Minions is an enjoyable animated film with a killer soundtrack that gives a back-story to the silly little yellow creatures.


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