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Soul For Real Concert Turns Out To Be A Huge Disappointment

19 Dec 2016 | By Ruby Nita | @NitaRuby

Lost In Tha 90s Soul For Real In Kenya Review

Capital FM hosted Lost In Tha 90s, a concert headlined by R&B group Soul For Real at the Carnivore Simba Saloon this past Friday, December 16. As expected, the crowd was quite mature and limited, but still full of energy. You could tell everybody was ready to turn back the clock and get their groove on.

The MC for the night was Capital in the Morning presenter Maqbul Mohammed. He did a wonderful job hyping up the crowd with his infectious humour and frequently breaking into dance. He then invited other presenters including Soulo on stage who just like him, were great. But only until they all became intolerable.

The stage guests came out in full school uniform trying to recreate theirs and the crowd’s high school days with inside jokes and funny shairis. But we weren’t here for a comedy show. Their prolonged shtick felt like a distraction. Soul For Real was late and we were in the midst of a time killing mission. Veteran deejay Adrian however salvaged the situation and did a splendid job on the decks. He played all the big 90s jams and people were really feeling it.

About 40 minutes past midnight, the American group finally appeared on stage. Why the event tickets read 6:30 PM to 11 PM I don’t understand, because it was clear right off the bat that schedule wouldn’t be observed. There was real excitement when the guys came out with visible flashes from phone cameras and audible screams from scattered fans. The quartet looked nice and they also seemed quite excited to be in Kenya for the first time.

That was the show’s high point. It all went downhill when they started to sing. First, there was no backing band. Second, they came out and immediately sat down giving the crowd zero energy. In addition, their choice for first song was just too slow; not the perfect tempo to open with. I expected them to come out with a bang. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. They steadily lost the crowd.

Another misstep by the group was the choice to perform predominantly new songs from their upcoming 2017 album. I get that artistes sometimes want to test out new material when touring, which would have been completely fine in this case if the concert wasn’t called Lost In Tha 90s.

By this point the bar had been set so low that I wasn’t really surprised when the group was noticeably lip syncing to Candy Rain, Every Little Thing I Do, and some of their other earlier songs. The crowd literally booed them off the stage while demanding a refund. Concert tickets were Ksh 5,000 ($50) a pop, exclusive of food and drinks. The crowd had every right to be upset and irate. It was truly a horrible concert.

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