Shaheed Ali Khan, a renowned figure in the world of online food reviews, has taken a bold leap from the digital realm to the tangible world of culinary entrepreneurship. Celebrated for his diverse palette and engaging content across YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, Shaheed has amassed a dedicated following over the years. This past Saturday, on the 30th of September 2023, KenyaBuzz had the privilege of catching up with him at the grand opening of his latest venture—a Lebanese restaurant named Tahini, located at Broadway Mall.
In contrast to the grandiose launches typical of celebrity endeavors, Shaheed opted for an intimate setting, creating an atmosphere that mirrored the warmth of his online presence. The launch was a reflection of his journey from virtual food exploration to the realization of a tangible dream. The menu, an ode to Lebanese cuisine, featured an array of delectable dishes that left attendees raving about the culinary experience.
Guests were treated to a feast that included mouthwatering falafel, creamy hummus, vegetarian dumplings, succulent chicken lollipops, crisp spring rolls, flavorful beef kebabs, and the sweet touch of moon cakes. Personally, I found the hummus and vegetable dumplings to be standout delights, showcasing the authenticity and craftsmanship behind each dish.
In an interview with KenyaBuzz, Shaheed shared that he had been simmering this idea for quite some time, carefully curating not just a restaurant but an immersive experience for his audience. The restaurant, he emphasized, is a reflection of his passion for Lebanese cuisine and a desire to share it with a wider audience.
Tahini stands out not just for its culinary offerings but also for its affordability, positioning itself as a casual dining spot accessible to a diverse range of patrons. The friendly ambiance is further enhanced by the welcoming staff, with Laban, one of the waiters, earning a special mention for his amiable service.
As Shaheed Ali Khan continues to carve his niche in the culinary world, Tahini emerges as not just a restaurant but a manifestation of his journey from online sensation to a gastronomic entrepreneur. With delectable offerings and a laid-back vibe, Tahini is poised to become a go-to spot for those seeking an authentic taste of Lebanese cuisine without breaking the bank.

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