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Kisumu: What To Do By Lake Victoria

18 Jan 2016 | By Jovago

Kisumu: What To Do By Lake Victoria

Impala Sanctuary in Kisumu, source:

Kisumu is the third largest city in Kenya. Located right by the shore of the Lake Victoria, it makes for one of the main weekend getaways spots. This lakeside city is the hub of the western Kenya tourism circuit. 

Kisumu Museum
This museum houses live animals for display. It has several outdoor pavilions that contain aquariums and cages. The aquariums contain fish varieties from Lake Victoria.  If you are eager to learn about fish species, the aquarium at the museum is the place to be. They are  terrariums for snake pits, and crocodile containers too.  If you have never had a close encounter with crocodiles, here you can catch a glimpse of these reptiles as they bask in the warm Kisumu sun. It also has artefacts from the Luo and other Kenyan communities.

Kit Mikayi
This gigantic pile of rocks serves as an object for legends and religious pilgrimages. It is one of the amazing spots on the outskirts of the city. At this location you will meet tour guides who normally tell visitors the history of the rocks.

Impala Sanctuary
The half-a-square mile sanctuary is a wildlife preserve area. It lies a kilometre from the Central Business District. Here you can find impalas, leopards and baboons and other wildlife. They are  mostly caged and the  birds and reptile species found here are allowed to wander in the sanctuary. 

The Hippo Point
This is more frequently visited because of the scenery rather than the hippos. You can feel the oneness with nature. People get to have an unobstructed, panoramic view of the sun set in Lake Victoria. The hippos are an attraction as you can see them grazing on the shores.

Lwangni Beach
Imagine having a plate of fish served fresh from the lake and eating as you relax in serenity. This spot is known for fish eating and it has a serene atmosphere for visitors creating enthusiasm as they treat their taste buds to fish and other delicacies. Nearby is the Tilapia beach which offers the same service but for more affluent clientele.

Dunga beach
This beach serves as a fishing port with the spectacular view of boats returning from their fishing expedition. Boat rides are also available as they take one across the shore of the lake overlooking the beautiful hills in the horizon.

Boat excursions
If you fancy having a boat-ride on Lake Victoria, here is the place to go. The boat rides through the shores of the lake as you have a view of the city. The boat-rides take one along the shores, this is normally an hour-long thrill. You don't have to dig deep into your pocket as the charges are pocket friendly.

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