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Kipepeo Butterfly Project in the Arabuko Sokoke Forest

25 May 2011 | By Sara Engel

Kipepeo Butterfly Project in the Arabuko Sokoke Forest is a testament to all the caterpillars’ hard work.  Kipepeo is the Swahili word for Butterfly –The Kipepeo Butterfly Project is situated just next to the Gede Ruins, approximately 20km South of Malindi.

It is a community-based enterprise that supports the local people in the area, providing an incentive to conserve the forest and its environs.  Kipepeo sells the pupae of butterflies and moths, as well as other live insects, which are then exported, hatched and displayed in insect parks all over the world.

In addition, they sell forest honey and silk cloth produced by the community.  The sheer number of different species found in the forest is astonishing – the Kipepeo Butterfly Exhibition shows the spectacular range as well as educates tourists in the importance of protecting the environment.

On Monday and Thursday mornings it is possible to meet and talk with the farmers as they deliver the pupae and honey to the Market Place, and you can also see how the honey and the silk are produced.

The Kipepeo Project is supported by donors and grants worldwide, but they do still rely on the generosity of individual donors and visitors to the Butterfly Exhibition.  For further details on the work they do, visit the farm for yourself or online at

Sara Engel – Watamu Property Services

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