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Kenya’s Top 10 Hottest TV News Couples

13 Aug 2014 | By Wangechi Maina

Local TV execs have long been known to create steaming hot newscasting partnerships and we’re not in the least bit complaining. This is my very subjective take on how the duos rank on the hot scale.

10 | Njoroge Mwaura and Catherine Kasavuli

Opening this list is the first and ultimate TV couple of all time, Njoroge and Catherine. When they got off the air I thought my life would come to an end. Oh well, we’ll always have the memories. 

9 | Nimrod Taabu and Jane Ngoiri

After NTV Jioni hosted by Nimrod and Jane you’ll be left thinking, Kiswahili kitukuzwe kweli.

8 | James Smart and Sophia Wanuna

They’re a better start to your day than those annoying breakfast radio shows. Sophia and James host the Morning Express on KTN.

7 | Mark Maasai and Smriti Vidyarthi

KenyaBuzz poll’s number one hottest male newscaster pairs up well with the beautiful and soft-spoken Smriti to keep you up to date with news in and out of the country.

6 | Ben Kitili and Whoever Is Next To Him

For real, you can sit absolutely anyone next to Ben as he presents KTN Prime and they’ll make a perfect couple. Have you seen Ben Kitili?  

5 | Michael Njenga and Terryanne Chebet

Business has never looked and sounded so good thanks to these two. TerryAnne’s stunning looks and Michael’s deep voice make it so easy to tune in to the Business Centre on Citizen TV even when most of the business lingo they go on about makes no sense.

4 | Larry Madowo and Victoria Rubadiri

I don’t care what people say about Larry’s news delivery; it’s over-the-top yes, but it’s television we want over-the-top! And it keeps viewers coming back. The rapport between him and his co-anchor Victoria is the icing on top of the cake.

3 | Eric Njoka and Karen Karimi

Never heard of them? We don’t blame you, they read news on K24. Who watches that? Eric posted a photo of him and Karen and captioned it “Me and my muthungu”. That’s enough reason for these two to go straight to number three on this list? Side bar: Rumour has it that Karen was to be featured on a KTN show alongside Vera Sidika. Ssshh!

2 | Lulu Hassan and Kanze Dena

Information, entertainment, high fives and girly chuckles best describe the news program by this all female TV duo. Their “auntie talks” with Bi Msafari don’t hurt either wink

1 | Hussein Mohammed and Janet Mbugua

Long before Citizen TV introduced their talk-show style news format, Janet and Hussein were the ultimate TV news pairing. I say they still reign supreme, even when presenting news and discussing topical issues from two different studios. They’re both very good looking people. It doesn’t hurt that they have this on-air chemistry between them that I once saw Hussein incessantly mocking Janet for “shrubbing” live on air. PS: Grey looks very very good on Hussein.

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