2018 cinema has been nothing short of topsy-turvy. With most Hollywood studios seemingly scared of competing against the Marvel-Disney juggernaut, which made a splash with Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War, and holding the release of their blockbusters till 2019, not much was exciting in the box office.
But, if you looked close enough, there were some good surprises sprinkled throughout the year. Here's our list of Dope, Worthy, Passable and Yawnfest movies according to our critics.


1. Black Panther
What our critic said: It's one of those movies that can be enjoyed for both its pure cinematic awesomeness and its cultural significance. Not to exaggerate things, but it's the best superhero movie ever. - Tim Mworia. Full review
2. Incredibles 2
What our critic said: The movie hit all the right notes; it made us (and the kids) laugh out loud, it had gripping action and it took on a modern approach to family - Anthony Mbugua. Full review
3. A Star Is Born
What our critic said: The entire soundtrack to the film is Grammy worthy. The writing and delivery of the songs by both Gaga and Cooper is something else. You just have to see it - Lena Anyuolo. Full review
4. Supa Modo
What our critic said: I can't give too much away but the ending will leave you with the sweetest feeling you'll probably get from a movie this year - Anthony Mbugua. Full review
5. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
What our critic said: The film delivers nothing short of two hours' worth of visual and emotional treats - Jesse Mweu. Full review


1. Venom 
What our critic said: A well executed buddy film about a man and his symbiote. And Tom Hardy rules! - Lena Anyuolo. Full review
2. Alpha
What our critic said: The panorama shots of the landscape. The towering waterfalls and sprawling plains of ice and snow will give you goosebumps - Lena Anyuolo. Full review
3. Disconnect
What our critic said: Thank you, Bridget Shighadi and Brenda Wairimu, for serving up those legs - Anthony Mbugua. Read the review here
4. Christopher Robin
What our critic said: Pooh's very innocent take on life can melt your heart. To him, life is very simple and he can find happiness in even the smallest things - Lena Anyuolo. Read the review here
5. Subira
What our critic said: Subira's beautiful story is what happens when you are stubborn with your dreams - Lena Anyuolo. Read the review here


1. Avengers: Infinity War
What our critic said: As tough as Thanos is, his motivations for wiping out half the universe are surprisingly weak. Overpopulation, really? Really Thanos? Really? Read the review here
2. 7 Days in Entebbe
What our critic said: The film does little in making the audience jittery, even during the point where the Israeli Defense Force attacks the Ugandan militants - Whitney Nasanga. Full review
3. The Predator
What our critic said: The laughs are the film's only upside. The rest of it is a poorly written story, full of mindless violence - Lena Anyuolo. Read the review here. 
4. The Spy Who Dumped Me
What our critic said: It has all the thrills and action of a spy movie, but fails when it comes to the plot line - Lena Anyuolo. Read the review here
5. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald
What our critic said: It's one big mess - Lena Anyuolo. Read the review here


1. Mile 22
What our critic said: If you want to watch a bunch of trigger happy CIA agents, you'll enjoy it. Otherwise, there is no story here - Lena Anyuolo. Read the review here
2. First Man
What our critic said: Nothing about First Man is outstanding - Lena Anyuolo. Read the review here
3. Teen Titans Go! to the Movies
What our critic said: This movie glorifies selfishness. A kid watching this movie would leave thinking that they can just ditch their friends without any consequences to the relationship - Lena Anyuolo. Read the review here


1. Rampage
What our critic said: The same old jokes referring to Dwayne Johnson's well-built body. We get it, he is in great shape, now get over it!  - Whitney Nasanga. Read the review here
2. Fifty Shades Freed
What our critic said: If I were to be quite frank, the twist of events all seemed unrealistic and unbelievable. More thought could have been put into the storyline to give it that extra oomph - Whitney Nasanga. Read the review here

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