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For These Two Rising Chefs, It’s More Than Just The Food

16 Dec 2016 | By Ruby Nita | @NitaRuby

Kelvin Njeru and Nafisa Ghazi Spotlight
Courtesy: USIU-A

Kelvin Njeru and Nafisa Ghazi are clearly poised to take the food industry by storm. Still university students, they are already portraying competent skills in how to run a kitchen. Both attend the United States International University-Africa; Kelvin is in his final year pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management while Nafisa is a second year student studying Pharmacy.

They recently won the first ever cooking competition held in the university and proved that it’s not about years of experience, but the passion for food.

Coincidentally, they both started cooking at the tender age of 10. Kelvin says being in the kitchen always felt right to him and that watching his mother and aunty cook only increased his love for fine cooking. For Nafisa, one dish that won her heart since her mother showed her how to make is the Chapati. Her love for food developed instantaneously.

Kelvin Njeru and Nafisa Ghazi Spotlight
Courtesy: USIU-A

Growing up, most boys prefer to play video games, play outside, or ride a bicycle.  For Kelvin, whenever he got bored at home the only thing he could think of “was making good food and trying out recipes without getting them from a book”. They turned out to be good. So much so that he even surprised himself.

But it’s not just out of pure luck, like most great chefs he has an innate talent with food and flavours; something of a food whisperer who can create something amazing out of anything. He currently works for the Big Square chain of restaurants. An opportunity he is grateful for and one he says makes his love for food grow more and more.

Both Kelvin and Nafisa believe their greatest achievement as chefs would be to own a chain of restaurants with Nafisa’s serving preference being Italian cuisine.

Kelvin Njeru and Nafisa Ghazi Spotlight
Courtesy: USIU-A

Kelvin’s favorite chef is Guy Fieri. Despite being a fan of cooking shows such as Chopped, Hell’s kitchen, and Master Chef, Guy’s Big Bite is no doubt his favourite. Guy Fieri is also the celebrity Kelvin dreams of cooking for: “He has been my inspiration and role model and I could also learn a lot from him.”

For Nafisa, it is Anthony Bourdain. He’s the chef who serves the most number of international cuisines in the world. She says: “I would love to one day blow him off his feet with the taste of my food and impress him the same way he impresses other people.”

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