John-Allan Namu's latest investigative documentary, The Last Door, is now available to the public through Showmax streaming.
Whether exposing political scandals or delving into the dark corners of notorious crimes in the nation, Namu has consistently been a central figure in Kenyan investigative journalism. His efforts, marked by both accolades and threats, have now culminated in the creation of Kenya's inaugural true-crime documentary series.
As the series' creator, executive producer, and narrator, Namu guides viewers through The Last Door, unveiling concealed and overlooked truths surrounding infamous crimes in Kenya. Each episode, while varying in degrees of grimness, carries a significant narrative. Namu expresses, "Every story in the series is important to me because (I hope) it will get the audience asking questions about deaths that they have felt are/were unresolved, and give the public answers to the questions they have about the crimes that we feature."
Beyond the investigation, Namu aspires to bring closure to those affected by the tragic events explored in the series. This ambition has been nurtured for years before it manifested as The Last Door—a series where the story lies in the research, a process vital in unearthing the truth behind the nation's shocking crimes.
"The research really depends on the story we are following," Namu explains. "Some are more complex and require a few weeks of research, seeking permission to film and actually filming, while others are more straightforward. There are some stories that were filmed in bits over time."
The series commences with "The Death of an Heiress," in which Namu journeys to Lamu to meet Omar Lali, a central figure in the mysterious death of Keroche heiress Tecra Muigai. Emotional testimonies from Tecra's sister Anerlisa Muigai and her mother Tabitha Karanja add depth to the narrative.
While each episode holds a special place in Namu's heart, the story of Naneu Muthoni's murder stands out, representing the resilience of victims' families. Filming her story unfolded amidst tragedy, yet the family's openness was profoundly humbling for Namu.
The Last Door joins Namu's previous documentary venture, Maisha Mkanda, on Showmax. In 2020, Maisha Mkanda S1 received the Best TV Documentary award at Kalasha Awards 2020 for its impactful episode, "Road to Trauma."
Showmax offers a diverse array of African true-crime documentaries, including Rosemary's Hitlist, Devilsdorp, Steinheist, and the upcoming Boetie Boer—a spine-chilling 18+ documentary delving into the psyche of South African serial killer Stewart Wilken.

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