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Turbo Tuesday: The Best International Car Shopping Websites

29 Mar 2016 | By Rowland K. Ng'eno

International Car Shopping Sites kenya

About twenty years ago, importing a car into the country was very difficult for most Kenyans. There were only a few car bazaars and dealerships plus the cars cost a lot of money. Today importing a vehicle has become much simpler. One does not need to go through a lot of processes. Most banks offer services that bring the car into the country if the buyer is willing to pay for it.

Prices at car bazaars and dealerships tend to be higher compared to self importation since they have to factor in their profits. Recently the Kenyatta administration placed less excise duty fees on newer cars as compared to older ones. This made it possible for luxury European models to be available at a cheaper cost in our market. Previously if you were buying a car worth Ksh 6 million it would cost you Ksh 1.2 million excise duty taxes. Now it costs Ksh 150,000 for cars less than three years old and Ksh 200,000 for cars older than three years old at a flat rate.

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There are mixed views about importing and buying of cars. Those who prefer purchasing locally feel it is quicker and safer since you can access the seller directly. Those who import believe it is cheaper. Now companies have come up to assist those who want to import the cars. Car bazaars have also joined in the bandwagon to assist if you need to import a certain car.

Here are some of the sites you can get cars globally for your use locally;

International Car Shopping Sites kenya

One of the largest car site in the UK. It sells all the cars available in the UK and gives everything you need to know about the car. From the service and insurance history of the vehicle. The site is easily accessible with all you need to know about the car. The only problem is you will need a UK address to search easily.

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SBT Japan
International Car Shopping Sites kenya

From its name it deals mainly with Japanese cars. The good thing about this site they have shop in Kenya where you can find out about the car from the staff. Checkout their website to see what you like.

UK Roadrunner
International Car Shopping Sites Kenya

They focus on cars for sale from the UK, they give you the charges it will cost from purchase to arrival in Kenya and the company organizes for everything for it to arrive.

Newline Luxury Motors
International Car Shopping Sites kenya
They focus on cars mainly from the UK and as their name Luxury cars that are over one million in cost. From Luxury SUVs to saloon cars. Their cars can retail upto Ksh 25 million.

International Car Shopping Sites Kenya

Having both branches in Kenya and Japan it is easy to get a vehicle from their local offices. One of the best sites in the country for getting cars online. They have a whole list cars available, not only Japanese but also European cars that are in Japan.

MHH International
The Best international import car sites kenya

Not new in exportation and selling of vehicles, they have been selling cars for over 15 years and exporting them for over six years to Kenya and several other countries worldwide. Most of their vehicles come from the UK and Japan. They offer services from the point you select your vehicle of choice until you receive your vehicle.

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