Martin is in trouble once again for confronting Sergio. After getting Martin fired, Sergio now has him imprisoned. Sergio was determined to get back at Alicia for falling in love with another man so he planned to kick her out of their home. He was not able to do so because Alicia had custody of their youngest daughter, Miranda. The opportunity however presented itself when Miranda suffered a crisis and tried to commit suicide. Sergio argued that Alicia was a danger to Miranda and the judge granted him custody. Sergio did not waste any time and kicked Alicia out of the house. Her children thought that Sergio would change her mind if Alicia broke up with Martin. Martin hence did the honorable thing and ended things with Alicia hoping that Sergio would let her stay with her children. Sergio still kicked Alicia out and she had to move in with her friend, Fedora. Martin was furious and went to confront Sergio in Julieta’s house. Julieta brought out a gun and called the police. The couple accused Martin of assault and he was taken to prison. Sergio used his connections with the Attorney General to keep Martin locked up. When Alicia found out, she hired her other daughter, Yuri, to defend Martin, making Sergio furious. Will Yuri go against her father and get Martin released from prison? Watch “If They Let Us” on Citizen TV from Monday to Wednesday at 10:30 pm for more.

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