After 30 years of marriage, Sergio and Alicia face the most difficult challenge. Things were going well for the couple but it all fell apart when Alicia found out about Sergio's infidelity. His co-worker and mistress, Julieta, decided to let Alicia know about their affair. The two had been seeing each other for three years. Tired of Sergio's empty promises of leaving his wife, Julieta decided to break up his marriage to Alicia. She sent Alicia a location and Alicia found Sergio in bed with her.
Sergio was not ready to end his marriage and instead tried to make it up to Alicia. With the 30th wedding anniversary approaching, he asked to renew their wedding vows as a testament of their love. Julieta was furious with the news since she mistakenly thought Sergio had bought an engagement ring for her. She called a reporter and leaked the news of the affair, hoping to finally end Sergio's marriage.
With the media scandal, Sergio's children found out about their father's infidelity. Alicia finally had the courage to tell Sergio to leave the house. Julieta expected Sergio to move in with her but he chose to stay with a friend instead. He still hopes to patch things up with Alicia. His children also want their family to stay together and are pressuring Alicia to forgive Sergio.  What do you think Alicia will decide to do?
You can follow "If They Let Us" on Citizen TV from Sunday to Wednesday at 10:30 pm.

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