Sergio did not take his divorce with Alicia well and hence decided to ruin her reputation . He hired a private investigator to follow her and soon enough found out about her relationship with Martin. The investigator took controversial photos of the them together and sent them to Sergio. Sergio was furious and could hardly believe that Alicia had replaced him with Martin. He organized a breakfast meeting with his family with his mother in law’s help and went to reveal the affair. He confronted Alicia infront of their children by showing them the photos of her with Martin. He claimed that Alicia had cheated on him when they were married too and chastised her for dating a younger man. Alicia’s children were horrified by the photos and they immediately judged their mother. After dealing with Alicia, Sergio went to expose Martin at work, hoping to get him fired. He wanted to get rid of Martin after he returned to work and finally found the opportunity. Martin gladly gave up his job, seeing it as an opportunity for him to openly date Alicia. Do you think Alicia’s relationship with Martin is wrong? Keep watching “If They Let Us” on Citizen TV Kenya from Sunday to Wednesday at 10:30 pm for more.

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