It seems Sergio will now have to choose between the two women in his life. He was married to Alicia for 30 years and they had three children together. He however cheated on her with his co-worker, Julieta. The affair lasted for 3 years until Julieta realized that he was not going to leave his wife like he had promised her.  She told Alicia about the affair, hoping she would end her marriage.
Unfortunately, Sergio was not ready to end his marriage with Alicia. He tried to win her back by proposing that they renew their vows for their 30th year anniversary. Alicia however kicked him out of their house. Julieta hoped that Sergio would move in with her but he stayed at a hotel instead. He still tried to reconcile with Alicia by promising her that he would fire Julieta.
During Sergio's birthday, both Alicia and Julieta prepared a surprise party for him. Alicia only did it because her children wanted to spend the day with their father. Sergio had made plans with Julieta but was not able to meet with her because he was with his family. Julieta got upset and decided to confront Sergio at his house. She ended up in a car accident because she was drunk and Sergio had to leave his party to take care of her.
Alicia visited Julieta at the hospital and the two talked about Sergio. Julieta told Alicia that her relationship with Sergio was not over. Alicia also told Julieta that Sergio wanted to get back together with her and wanted to fire her. The two women realized that Sergio was deceiving both of them and decided to confront him together. Who do you think Sergio will choose between them?
You can follow "If They Let Us" on Citizen TV from Sunday to Wednesday at  10:30 pm to find out.

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