After breaking up for the umpteenth time, Alicia and Martin are back together again! Alicia had decided to end their relationship after her psychiatrist, Carlota, told her that it was doing more harm than good. Alicia met Carlota through Fedora when she was going through her divorce. Carlota had been supportive Alicia when she met Martin and advised her to put her happiness first. Alicia hence decided to give Martin a chance, even with everything against them. Carlota however changed her mind once she found out the identity of Alicia’s partner. Alicia never referred to Martin by his name during her sessions with Carlota so she never knew who he was. Once Alicia told her, Carlota felt jealous because Martin is her ex-husband. She convinced Alicia that their relationship was causing problems for her family, leading Alicia to break things off with Martin. Martin and Alicia both had a hard time getting over each other. Martin still continued to support Alicia even when they were not together. She was moved by his love and loyalty and hence asked Carlota if she should take him back. This was the when she found out that Carlota was Martin’s ex and was using her position as Alicia’s psychiatrist to break them up. Carlota tried to get back together with Martin but he would not accept her. Instead, he and Alicia got back together. Will they be able to withstand the opposition this time and be happy together? Watch “If They Let Us” from Sunday to Wednesday on Citizen TV at 10:30 pm for more.

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