You have a great idea for a TV Show, you've written the script and shot the pilot, now all you need is someone to buy your show and finance the production. Here are few tips from Eugene Mbugua who is the managing director of Young Rich TV, shared during the Kalasha International Film & TV Market 2019.

Do your research

Know the needs of the person or network buying the content. If a prospective buyer is looking for a drama, it doesn't matter how good your pitch for a reality show is, it won't sell. If they are looking to buy a drama, then pitches for drama shows are the only pitches that'll interest them.
Another ace to have up your sleeve is foreknowledge of the network's financial year. Present your proposal when they begin making their budgets for the financial year as they will be more receptive to financing your production if they plan for it from the onset.

Elevator Pitches Don't Work

Ambushing a studio executive at a party and sharing your idea for a TV show isn't effective. Timing is key. Rather, request for an appointment to present your pitch on a later date when they are less pre-occupied and more likely to give your idea the attention it deserves.

First Impressions Matter

The temptation to express yourself through dress might be strong but remember, people who buy for content aren't creatives. They are business people. Tone down your attire to mirror the dress code of your prospective buyer.

Double Check Everything

On the day of the pitch, confirm that the meeting is still on and arrive early to set up everything you need for the presentation to run smoothly.

Keep it Short, Sweet, and Honest

Make the pitch short, precise and interesting. The teaser of the pilot should not be longer than three minutes and it should communicate your vision clearly.
Avoid exaggeration and making claims you cannot substantiate.

Follow Up

After the pitch, immediately email the person/people with a summary of your pitch and the presentation. This helps to seal any gaps in the information they might have missed during the pitch.
The email also serves as proof that you pitched the content and protects your flow and execution of ideas in the event the buyer tries to acquire the show from you illegally.

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