Glasses can be a great fashion statement or they can sit awkwardly on your face drawing attention for all the wrong reasons. But whether it's prescription glasses or sunglasses, choosing the right glasses for yourself can prove difficult. The process is more manageable when you understand your face shape. 

Simply look at your features in front of a mirror. Do you have a round, square, heart, triangular or oval-shaped face? No one has a perfectly symmetrical face shape so identify your prominent features and match them up to one of the shapes. Once you figure out your face shape, below is a simple guide that will help you find the best glasses for your face shape.

Oval face

An oval face is mostly characterized by high cheekbones slightly narrower towards the forehead. Oversized and wide frames are generally suitable for this face shape but the frames of the glasses can range from square, round, rectangular and even trapezoid since it is the most versatile face shape. You may want to avoid narrow frames and frames with multiple design elements as they may elongate your face.

Square shape

This shape is characterized by a wide jawline and forehead and also has a variety of shapes to choose from. Drawing attention from your angular features will help flatter your features. Round or oval glasses will suit this type of shape as they will soften your sharp angular features and balance your cheekbones.

Round shape

Round face shapes are characterized by soft curves, full cheeks and similar length and width of the face. This face shape is very distinguished due to the lack of angles and therefore glasses with angles and clean lines would flatter the shape. Square shaped glasses will break the uniformity of your face allowing your face to look narrower, angular frames add sharper lines to your face that creates balance and cat-eye or D-shaped frames take focus to your eyes while drawing attention to your cheeks.

Heart shape

This shape is characterized by a wide face at the brows, prominent cheeks and a sharp chin. It is also believed to be quite versatile of the face shape and people have a variety of options to choose from. Glasses with low set temples take away the concentration on your forehead and bring it down to your chin. Oval shaped glasses also work by refocusing attention to the eyes. Generally frames with deep bases and subtle wingtips proportionate this face shape.

Triangular shape

This shape is characterized by a narrow forehead which gradually increases to a wider bottom. 

Designs that are wider at the top and narrow at the bottom such as D-frame, aviator and cat-eye glasses flatter this kind of shape as they draw attention to the forehead and away from the jaw.

If you identify with more than one face shape, this gives you a wide variety of frames to choose from. 


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