Natalia was abandoned as a baby in a  church and Father Juan was the one who found her. He gave the baby to Carmen, who raised her along with her own children. Now, the priest has finally found out the real identity of Natalia.
Natalia is the daughter of Irene and Tadeo. Unfortunately, Irene's father, Mr. Caceres, did not approve of their relationship because Tadeo came from a humble family. He secretly gave Tadeo a scholarship to study abroad, which he took, leaving Irene behind. He did not know that Irene was expecting their baby.
Mr Caceres isolated Irene so that the truth about her pregnancy would not be known. He hired Tiburcio to look after her and even ordered that he kill the baby once it was born. Tiburcio was not able to carry out the hideous act and instead left the baby at the church. Irene was told that her daughter died and the heartbreak turned her into an alcoholic.
Over 20 years later, Tiburcio met the priest again and was able to recognize Natalia as Irene's daughter. He told Mr.Caceres the truth but the old man refused to let Irene know. Irene got to know Natalia after they met at work and have been great friends ever since. Tiburcio is now torn between telling them the truth and keeping quiet because Mr. Caceres threatened to kill him. He therefore decided to reveal everything to Father Juan through the secret of confession.
How will Irene find out that Natalia is his daughter? Tune in to NTV Kenya every Monday to Thursday at 8:00 pm for more.

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