Natalia has agreed to get married to Andres!  This is after she ended her relationship with Diego and absolutely refused to reconcile with him since she could not forgive him for not trusting her. Meanwhile, Diego has been spending time with his new business partner, Simona.
Andres and Natalia grew up in Tuxpan together. He always loved Natalia but she never agreed to be his girlfriend. He eventually lost hope when she fell for Diego and there was no chance for him, no matter how much he tried. He was a simple taxi driver then, but his luck changed when he suddenly won the lottery. He invested his money and became a rich business man. With a future to offer her, his  chance with Natalia finally came when she broke up with Diego and he decided to court her again.
Natalia seemed to accept Andres in order to forget Diego. Diego made a lot of efforts to win over Natalia but she remained adamant. His relentlessness however made Andres scared that he might lose out again so decided to ask Natalia to marry him. To both their surprise, she agreed. Natalia had noticed Diego hanging out with Simona and thus thought that he had given up on her.
Will Natalia really get married to Andres? Tune in to NTV Kenya every Monday and Tuesday at 8:30 pm and Wednesday and Thursday at 8:00 pm.

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