Natalia's mother, Carmen, was arrested!  Carmen was dating Carlos, a wealthy gentleman, who suddenly decided to bring her to Miami for a trip. Carmen's children were glad to see their mother with someone who pampered her like she deserved. Unfortunately, things did not go as they had hoped.
Carlos told Carmen that he would go ahead because he had some important business to take care of in Miami. Carmen was supposed to take the next flight but was arrested before she boarded the plane. The police, led by Eleazar, were conducting a raid at the airport when they confiscated a suitcase filled with drugs. It happened to be Carmen's and she was taken to the police station for questioning.
Carmen and her children tried to plead with Eleazar to release her because she was innocent. They however could not explain how the drugs ended up in Carmen's suitcase. Eleazar said he could not release Carmen until they caught Carlos and he explained the situation.
What will happen to Carmen? Will Natalia be able to get her released?  Tune in to "Head Over Heels" on NTV Kenya from Monday to Thursday at 8:00pm for more.

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