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Gone Girl: A Masterpiece of Mystery

17 Oct 2014 | By Wangechi Maina

Gone Girl Review

Ben Affleck plays Nick Dunne, a happily married man whose wife Amy, played by Rosamund Pike, goes missing on the morning of their fifth wedding anniversary. It’s adapted from the novel Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. No amount of spoilers can adequately prepare you for how this mystery film unfolds.

Gone Girl is split between the past and present, from when Nick and Amy first met to their happy years as a married couple and working journalists. Amy kept a diary which she reads out on voiceover and through flashbacks, narrates their perfect life. But the film turns into a nightmare story of the fairy-tale couple whose marriage has evolved into resentment, hostility and possibly murder. As usual with such cases the police suspect the husband. Forensic experts are called in; Nick is interrogated and his life investigated. 

The casting works both for and against the film. Affleck gives what could possibly be the best natural performance of his career. He remains charming and confident throughout his tribulation without becoming cocky. But his sex scenes fail. If you’re a regular consumer of showbiz news, you know that he is in real life happily married. His sex scenes look awkward and rushed. Broadway star, openly gay and newlywed Neil Patrick Harris has a minor role where he plays a heterosexual. You will not buy what he’s selling in this role.

Largely unknown Pike is a revelation as the gorgeous and smart wife. She exudes impeccable levels of daring depth and is brilliant in her character. She manages to be both alluring yet icy. Nick’s twin sister Margo, portrayed by Carrie Coon gives Gone Girl its much needed but dark humour. And who knew Madea could do more than tell people off in her annoying voice and ugly duds? Tyler Perry is the epitome of calculating as he plays Nick’s defence attorney.

At first Gone Girl, for those who haven’t read the book, seems like a straightforward missing-person thriller. But the unexpected twists and turns of the plot are so quick and powerful that they leave you grasping for anything to be solid and true. The cinematography is amazing; director takes sharp angles and straight lines giving the film an antiseptic feel and creeping dread. There is one particular equally violent and disgusting scene that is damaging to the soul and will stay in your mind forever.

As it concludes, a few things don’t add up but it had to be so for the director to reach the ending he wanted. The one of two possible outcomes that this movie takes will leave most of the audience dissatisfied.

This film is two and a half hours long; but it’s well thought out, written and paced making the running time entertaining and enjoyable. If you want to break up with someone, this is the best date movie for that.


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