Looking for exciting and enriching activities to engage your children on Saturdays? JDI art school at Karen Village offers a variety of hands-on lessons aimed at nurturing your child's creativity and imagination. From mastering the art of glass painting to learning the delicate craft of flower arrangement and the art of balloon animals, there's something for every young artist and enthusiast to explore.
Unlock your child's artistic potential with their glass painting classes. Using vibrant colors and simple techniques, children will learn how to transform ordinary glassware into beautiful works of art.
Inspire your little florist with their flower arrangement lessons. In this class, children will discover the art of combining different blooms and foliage to create stunning arrangements.
Led by experienced instructors, children will learn the secrets behind crafting their favorite animals, characters, and more using colorful balloons. From simple dogs and cats to elaborate sculptures, this class encourages imagination and fine motor skills.
Inquiries schoolofdesigninnovation@gmail.com

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