According to the United Nations (UN), Africa is the youngest continent in the world with youth making up 60% of the population. A young population has more potential for growth, opportunities, and development - and the African youth is yearning for opportunities, and change and to be seen, heard, and understood. Organizations like Girl Power Talk are bridging the gap between the available opportunities and dreams of the African youth. An India-based organization that seeks to empower youth with merit-based opportunities to grow and achieve their full potential, Girl Power Talk has extended its branches to the African continent with the mission of changing lives one person at a time. They are working to provide meaningful employment among the youth, financial independence for African women, and are partnering with various NGOs in Africa to create a sustainable impact.
Girl Power Talk is anchored on four core values: entrepreneurial culture, diversity and inclusion, gender equality, and women in technology. The company strives to achieve these four pillars through its ever-growing team of young leaders around the world. Cornerstone to their work is creating a nurturing environment where young people gain technical knowledge, learn soft skills, and live purpose-driven lives. On the business side, Girl Power Talk offers various services, including business consulting, digital marketing, public relations, technology solutions, and customized human capital.

A Supportive Work Culture that Seeks to Empower

Interestingly, the team members at Girl Power Talk are not referred to as employees. They are Young Leaders. A true reflection of the organization's commitment to encouraging young people to believe in what they can become.
Girl Power Talk believes a supportive working environment enables young people to explore, make mistakes, and learn. Kauthar Wangi, a Marketing and Public Relations Associate at Girl Power Talk from Uganda, asserts that Girl Power Talk is a safe haven. "Girl Power Talk empowers young people through mentorship. There's no mistake too big to warrant criticism. No matter how many times you get something wrong, the team will guide you until you get it right," she says. Kauthar tells me she learned everything about marketing and PR at Girl Power Talk. The hands-on training helped her grasp the nuances of marketing. She can now proudly say that she is a professional in the field with as much confidence as those with formal education in the same. Additionally, the financial opportunity and support from Girl Power Talk family has helped Kauthar stay in school and pursue becoming a doctor.
And it's not just her. Marion Nekesa, a Senior Writer from Kenya, echoes her sentiments, "Unlike most work environments where employees walk on eggshells, Girl Power Talk thrives on collaboration. There's no strict hierarchy. You can talk to senior management and even the CEO directly. Junior and senior employees have an excellent work relationship that allows learning and growth."
Chipiwa Mukono, the Director of Finance and Investment from Zimbabwe, says "Girl Power Talk is anchored on open and honest communication. Young leaders are equipped to assume responsibilities, make mistakes, and grow beyond their formal training. More importantly, the organization opens doors to the world. The young leaders network with a pool of professionals and clients from around the globe, expanding their careers beyond national borders."
Girl Power Talk is also unique in its thoughtful onboarding process. In many organizations, orientation is about showing employees their desks and what is expected of them in a work capacity. But here, the first few weeks involve making the new team member feel at home and realize their areas of interest. They consciously focus on knowing you for who you are and your genuine dreams.
When asked what makes Girl Power Talk an excellent work environment, Marion says that the career growth that comes with hands-on mentorship is priceless. In her words, "If you asked me two years ago if I was working towards what I wanted to do twenty years from then, my answer would have been a definite no. But now, everything I'm doing aligns with where I want to be two decades from now."

Nurturing an Entrepreneurial Mindset

While many believe that entrepreneurship is only about creativity and making money, Girl Power Talk takes a slightly different approach. Beyond these two equally important aspects of entrepreneurship, the organization nurtures independent thinkers who seek new challenges, learn from their failures, and provide value to society at large.
Instead of confining team members to individual departments, Girl Power Talk gives the Young Leaders freedom to explore their interests. Members can work in the different sections of the company to find areas that spark their interests. From there, it's about nurturing those skills to perfection.
In our society, women are taught to ask permission and wait for help. Girl Power Talk is breaking stereotypes that confine women to certain roles and capabilities. They don't need permission to step into spaces and pursue their interests. They are afforded the confidence and resources to take risks, break out of their comfort zones, and solve real-world problems.
At Girl Power Talk, it's not about getting it right but being innovative in developing solutions that align with the organization's missions. Girl Power Talk trusts its members' ability to deliver without being micromanaged. And that's how entrepreneurs are made. They learn through trial and error. And so, young women have a platform to learn and build confidence.

Everyone Is Invited at The Table

When it comes to diversity and inclusivity, Girl Power Talk believes that an inclusive workforce leads to a versatile and successful business. A workforce with people from different backgrounds and identities in terms of age, education, religion, race, social-economic, and gender is the key to harnessing the unique perspectives that come with diversity. Through inclusion, they are creating an outstanding work environment where everyone has a voice.
According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), the employment rate for men is 72% and 47% for women. The gender employment gap will take over 130 years to close, according to the HeForShe 2022 Summit by UN Women, but Girl Power Talk is actively working on reducing these numbers. Its gender equality initiative aims to provide opportunities to young people with a conscious bias for women. Girl Power Talk offers training in different thematic areas including technology, communication skills, design and creativity, and financial confidence.
Additionally, with only 26.7% of women in tech positions worldwide, the organization is taking deliberate actions to help close the gender gap. Girl Power Talk nurtures young women's interest in technology through outreach activities in schools, free online boot camps, and university presentations. The goal is to stir an interest in technology in girls at a young age. As they grow older, they debunk the stereotype that women are poor at tech.
Girl Power Talk strives to build holistic individuals who have not only tech skills but also creativity, critical thinking, communication skills, and leadership skills to mentor other young women interested in technology. The ultimate goal is to use their voice to empower other women as they climb the career ladder.

Changing Lives One Person at a Time

At the heart of Girl Power Talk's foundation, is the mission of creating a positive social impact around the world. Its initiatives cut across several areas and are geared towards promoting social justice and equal opportunities, providing meaningful resources, promoting a holistic approach to education, and creating opportunities.
Girl Power Talk partners with organizations and educational institutions across the globe to generate an impact in the lives of disadvantaged communities. They deliver their social impact projects by providing infrastructural support, helping underprivileged children through educational programs, and sharing knowledge on diverse professional fields. That is how Girl Power Talk is transforming lives within the organization and beyond. Their educational programs have reached over 25,000 students and young professionals.
There are possibilities of a better world, and the only way towards it is to take the first step and be a change maker. And since Girl Power Talk is here to guide you, how about you tap into its many opportunities and be part of the winds of change sweeping Africa and the world?
Author: Mourine Odongo
Mourine Odongo is a Nairobi-based content marketer with a master's degree in Project Planning and Management from the University of Nairobi. She's a budding feminist with a keen interest in breaking social norms and cultural beliefs that have put women in shackles for ages.
Mourine specializes in helping businesses grow through email marketing, social media marketing, and SEO. When she's not busy putting her thoughts into words, she is out in the wild, exploring nature. She also enjoys cozying up on her couch with hot cocoa watching stand-up comedy, reading a good book, or watching a movie.

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