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12 GIFs That Prove Victoria Kimani is Queen in "Show"

19 Jan 2015 | By Levis Ryan

Listen up, peasants: For too long, the human race has not acknowledged the most fabulous, the classiest, and the most important member of our species: Victoria Kimani. She is our One True Queen, and should be worshiped as such. These are the reasons why she cemented her reign in her music video Show:

1. Because the intro speaks for itself

2. She knows she’s the ‘ish. And everyone else is beneath her.

3. She’s besties with South African rapper AKA

4. She won’t let you forget her name

5. Because this…

6. Even AKA follows her lead

7. Where else would AKA dance like this?

8. She can bust a move unapologetically 

9. She woke up like this 

10. And her Zorro Snap is of legend

11. So bow down 

12. To her majesty Queen Victoria 

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