Trick or treat! 'tis the season to garner up all those cavities, but for a few they opt for the first option and get themselves either completely entertained or utterly agitated.
The pranksters have no mercy on the few individuals who get caught up in the whole Halloween trick fiasco, and earn themselves a sufficiently palpitated heart by simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Here are some of the most hilarious pranks pulled on unsuspecting individuals:
  1. The Bomb Prank
This particular prank has a bitter-sweet effect for some people but in all honesty, I find it like one of the most rib-cracking pranks of all-time (I'm not too sure how I would feel if I was a victim of this prank). I'm close to 100% sure you'll re-watch this one:
  1. The Elevator Prank
This to me is one of the best places to pull a prank. Can you fathom being enclosed within floor walls with a freaky zombie-looking creature? There have been a number of pranks pulled, here are some of the funniest ones:
  1. Coffee Shop Prank
Imagine going to your usual coffee shop to get your usual latte and croissant, only this time there's a girl causing a supernatural fracas! The setup and entire idea behind this one was ingenious! Check it out:
  1. Chair Pulling Prank
Okay, let's admit that this has to be one of the most annoying pranks if you fall victim to this utter malice! On the flip side, watching the unsuspecting people whose chairs are pulled by the pranksters is just too funny! Check out this compilation:

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