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Fundi-Mentals: Hysterical, Kinky & Mental Indeed

30 Jan 2015 | By Wangechi Maina

Fundimentals Breast kenya film review watch online nairobi

I was a bit confused when I got the invite for the press screening of Fundi-mentals because from all the promos and buzz around it I honestly thought it had already been released. The aggressive online marketing which I learnt at the screening was done by the cast and crew has indeed been successful. Last year, the female cast participated in a breast cancer awareness campaign in which they posed topless with nothing but hard helmets covering their dignity. They were also featured on the video for the film’s theme song.

Fundi-mentals is a Kenyan sex comedy film written and directed by quirky filmmaker Alex Konstantaras and executive produced by his Historia Films in partnership with Native Productions. 

It tells the story of self-employed fundi Joseph, his minion Moses and the unconventional ways they use to do their work and declaring themselves the best fundis in Kinoo. Enter a multi-national company and everything goes hilariously downhill from here as the fundis result to even more unorthodox ways to keep their business afloat in light of the competition.

Hot on the heels of the unexpected hit Fundamentals by Ken wa Maria, it was very creative of the makers of this film to give it the title Fundi-mentals. Yes the film is about mental fundis but the mention of that title gets your attention immediately and urges you to look into it.

Contrary to all the sex hype and some controversy surrounding this film, there really isn't a lot of it. Sex that is. But expect to see Kenyans boldly talking about it the way you talk about sex with your peers, no holds barred. This makes Fundi-mentals relatable. The Kenya Film Classification Board classified it as Adults Only and with good reason. I was surprised they even allowed it to be shown publicly, what with all the implied sex acts. If you are alert enough a gay act is also implied. Or was it just me?

Fundi-mentals is shot in full HD and is a sight to behold. This earned the film’s DOP, John Wambugu a nomination for an Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Award for Best Lighting. The outdoor footage of Kinoo which shows things only unique to Kenya is refreshing.

The cast of Fundi-mentals is fantastic. Gerald Langiri plays the lead and nails it. It is very easy to see why he got a Best Actor AMVCA nomination. His side kick Moses is played by Charlie Karume who is adorable. The supporting cast does a good job rallying around these two main characters.

There are some mishaps here and there. The very talented Florence Nduta is at the beginning of the film too well-spoken for a fundi’s wife from Kinoo but she eventually adjusts and perfectly fits into her role. The hardest working actress in the industry, Lizz Njagah, is caught looking into the camera in her very first scene. Dialogue from one scene spills into another in more than one instance. But none of these affect the overall outcome of Fundi-mentals.

Fundi-mentals is hilarious and will give you some genuine laugh out loud moments. The film does not really have a clear beginning, middle or end but it is interesting how the comedy sketch scenes featuring the fundi’s crazy antics are creatively presented and successfully tied together. The music in the film is also quite amazing; the title score will have you singing along and will remain in your head long after you leave the theatre. (What Else) Fundi-mentals is a rock tune written and performed by Greek rock singer Harrys Pourouzidis.

Fundi-mentals premieres at IMAX 20th Century Plaza on 12th February at 6pm. On 13th February it will start showing at Prestige Media Cinema, Prestige Plaza at 7pm. Fundi-mentals will also be shown at the Valentine's edition of Two Hours of Sunset. Watch Kenyan. Support Kenyan.

This morning, the cast and crew of Fundi-mentals embarked on a media tour to promote the film. Check the consequent dates for the most mental interviews: 

This review is courtesy of IMAX 20th Century

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