Rigor is free!  He spent almost three decades in prison after he was arrested for dealing drugs. This was a set-up by his ex-girlfriend, Victoria, who wanted to get him away from her. She had met Roman, a wealthy business man and did not want Rigor getting in the way. Unfortunately, she was not able to keep him locked up and he went looking for her as soon as he was released.
With Rigor's release, Gabriel was also able to meet his father. His grandmother, Lydia, had taken care of him ever since he was young and he looked forward to reconnecting with his father. He did not expect Rigor's cold nature and things at home have not been the same since Rigor's return. The two do not get along and constantly fight with each other.
Unknown to Gabriel, Rigor is not actually his father. He was swapped at birth with Rigor and Victoria's real son, Carlos. This was because they wanted to give their son a better life, one only Roman could provide because of his wealth. They therefore exchanged the children when Roman was on a trip abroad. Victoria fears that Rigor will reveal this secret and ruin her family. He is set on winning her back as well getting to know his son, Carlos.
Will Rigor's return eventually reveal the real identity of Gabriel and Carlos? Keep following "Forever My Love" on NTV Kenya from Monday to Thursday at 8:00 pm

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