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Whiskey With Beef, Wine With Cheese: Your Guide To Pairing This Christmas

19 Dec 2016 | By Brian Kamuyu

Whiskey With Beef, Wine With Cheese: Your Guide To Pairing This Christmas

It’s only a few days to what some have dubbed the happiest day of the year. Christmas. The extravagance, good food and time spent with friends and family truly make it a special time. What better way to make it extra special other than finding liquor that perfectly pairs with your favourite meal?

Here’s Rupu’s ultimate food and drinks pairing guide for the perfect Christmas dinner.

Are you a wine person? Well, I hope you like meat and cheese. Grilled and roasted red meat, sausages, pasta, medium matured cheese. These are the reason why red wine exists.

Most folks primarily think of vodka as a base for cocktails but in vodka-loving countries, it’s always accompanied by food. So sip your vodka accompanied by smoked fish of any kind, smoked hams or pork tenderloin, and even smoked beef.

Gin is made with a myriad of recipes. Some juniper-heavy, some citrusy or herbal, some cask-aged. Whichever it is, it plays well against the briny sweetness of shrimp cocktail, chilled seafood or grilled prawns. Enjoy.

If you’re a tequila lover then you probably know that it’s one of the most versatile and complex spirits out there. If you’re taking shots of “blanco” (clear, unaged tequila), pair it with guacamole melted cheese. If you’re enjoying a darker, more complex “añejo” (aged a minimum of a year), pair it with Mexican mole that has a touch of chocolate in it.

Champagne is delicious on its own, but even better when smartly partnered up with a delicious bite. Pair it with chilled peach soup, crispy udon noodles, lobster, shrimp and even sushi.

What most people don’t know is that whisky is to be enjoyed by the sip and not thrown carelessly down the throat. So giving it a worthy match is of paramount importance. Pork ribs, steak, hot-smoked salmon and haggis will pair well.

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