Ruby Ring is a Ukrainian drama from 2018. The show is an adaptation of a Korean drama of the same title.
Ruby Ring follows the story of two sisters, Anna and Yana. With everything going right for her, Anna is set to marry the man of her dreams, while Yana struggles to make a career as a TV host. Their lives take a drastic change after they are involved in a fatal car accident.  Their faces are seriously mutilated and the doctors are not able to distinguish them. The only way to tell them apart is through Anna's Ruby ring, a gift from her fianc√©. Yana however happens to be wearing Anna's ring during the time of the accident. The sisters undergo plastic surgery and their identities are switched.
Anna goes into a coma while Yana recovers first. When she wakes up, everyone confuses her for Anna and she decides to live as her sister, whom she has always envied. Anna however recovers and is determined to get everything back from her treacherous sister. Will the sisters reconcile or destroy each other?
Watch Ruby Ring on NTV Kenya, every Monday to Friday at 6:00 pm for more.

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