La Herencia (Legacy) is a Televisa production from 2022 by Juan Osorio. The show stars Michelle Renaud alongside Matias Novoa and Daniel Elbittar. The story takes place in a prosperous avocado farm called "Santa Catalina". Don Severiano del Monte and his wife, Catalina Arango  have five sons; Juan, Pedro, Mateo, Simón and Lucas. The Del Monte brothers were adopted, since Catalina Arango, who died a year ago, could not have children. When Don Severiano choses  Juan as the new director of the Corporation, it causes mixed reactions between the brothers because Pedro and Simón do not agree. Meanwhile, Severiano's only blood daughter, Sara Del Monte Portillo, struggles to make her way in a corporate world ruled by men. Daughter of Déborah Portillo, an ambitious and manipulative woman, and one of Don Severiano's lovers, she has grown up outside the Del Monte family, believing that her father was never interested in her. She doesn't know that her mother irresponsibly spent everything her father sent to support her. Upon the death of Don Severiano, on the day of the reading of the will, Sara del Mont arrives at Santa Catalina seeking to meet her siblings and take her place as Don Severiano's heiress. The presence of Sara sows a powerful rivalry in the family and the rejection of her brothers is imminent. In the face of adversity, Sara demonstrates that she is the worthy daughter of Don Severiano and ends up winning Juan's affection. Will they be happy in the presence of the ambitious Pedro, Déborah and Dante ? Watch "La Herencia" on Citizen TV, every Monday to Saturday at 8:00 pm

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