Fast and Furious, the iconic movie franchise that started with its first installment in 2001, has spanned two decades, consisting of eight sequels and two spin-offs. With a combined global box office gross of over $6 billion, the franchise has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. Fast & Furious 10, officially titled Fast X, marks the final chapter in this thrilling series, concluding the adventures of Dominic Torreto, portrayed by Vin Diesel. As the film hits cinemas today on May 19th, 2023, here are ten important things you should know about Fast X.
Fast X Brings The Fast Saga to an Epic Finale: Fast X serves as the culmination of the mainline Fast and Furious series, bidding farewell to the beloved characters and storylines that have enthralled fans for over two decades. While the mainline series concludes, the franchise will continue through planned spin-offs, potentially introducing a new generation of racers.
Fast X Will Be Split Into Two Parts: In 2021, Vin Diesel confirmed that Fast 10 needed to be divided into two movies due to the extensive content that needed to be covered. The first part, releasing in May, will kickstart an action-packed adventure that will unfold across both films. The director has hinted at an impending war, setting the stage for an explosive climax in the second part.
Dwayne Johnson not returning as Luke Hobbs. It doesn't look like it's in the cards as Dwayne Johnson has stated that he will not be returning for Fast X or its follow-up. In July 2021, Johnson told The Hollywood Reporter he wished the cast and crew the best of luck on the Fast and Furious movies that "will be without" him. And I guess this means the franchise will miss an opportunity to have Johnson and John Cena face-off unless he shows up in Hobbs and Shaw 2, if it happens.
Fast X Showcases Global Locations: The Fast saga has evolved from its origins in the streets of Los Angeles to encompass the entire world, including even outer space. Fast X promises a global experience, with the movie featuring a plethora of international locations across multiple continents. Filming took place in diverse and exotic locales such as London and Rome.
Jason Momoa Joins the Fast Family: Renowned actor and car enthusiast Jason Momoa joins the Fast and Furious franchise, adding his charisma to the already star-studded cast. Playing the role of Dante, the vengeful son of Brazilian drug lord Hernan Reyes, Momoa's character seeks retribution against Dom and his crew for their actions in Fast Five.
Dante Teams Up with Cipher: Dante, portrayed by Jason Momoa, has spent the last twelve years plotting his revenge against Dom. To achieve his goal, he enlists the help of Cipher, played by Charlize Theron, a recurring antagonist who has caused trouble for the gang in the past. The family must thwart the plans of these two formidable foes before they can retire in peace.
A Mix of Returning and New Cast Members: Fast X brings together a combination of familiar faces and fresh talent. Returning actors include Helen Mirren, Cardi B, Scott Eastwood, Bow Wow, Lucas Black, and potentially John Cena, who portrayed the villain in Fast 9. Additionally, rumors suggest that Gal Gadot's character may make an appearance in the final story. New cast members joining the franchise for the first time include Brie Larson, Alan Ritchson, Rita Moreno, and Leo Abelo Perry.
Tribute to Paul Walker and Cameo for Meadow Walker: In an emotional tribute to the late Paul Walker, the creators of Fast X aim to honor him through flashback scenes. Audiences can expect a heartfelt farewell to Brian O'Conner, portrayed by Walker, who made a digital appearance in Fast 7 following the actor's untimely passing. There are also rumors of Meadow Walker, Paul Walker's daughter, making an appearance, as she maintains a close relationship with Diesel and Brewster.
Directed by Louis Leterrier: Renowned for his work on The Transporter films, Jason Statham's action-packed franchise, director Louis Leterrier brings his expertise in high-speed chases and thrilling fight sequences to Fast X.
There could be a spin-off: Diesel told Variety that he had writers working on a Fast and Furious spinoff centering on Charlize Theron's character, Cipher, though there haven't been any updates since. And then there were the comments Diesel made during a February 2023 Variety interview in which he said he wanted Robert Downey Jr. to be the "antithesis of Dom.
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