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Fadhilee’s Garage Is A New Way Of Listening To Live Music In Nairobi

20 Jan 2017 | By Tim Mworia | @timworia

Fadhili Itulya Interview Fadhilee’s Garage
Courtesy: Facebook/Fadhilee's Garage

Fadhilee’s Garage is a new concert series conceptualized by musician and Utam Festival founder Fadhili Itulya. Once a month, he invites you to snuggle down in his garage along Riara Road for an evening of fun, friendship and good vibes. And yeah, there’s acoustic live music.

Fadhilee’s Garage presents Nairobi music lovers with a stripped down concert; just you, the musician, an instrument, and an intimate setting. Essentially how live music is meant to be listened to and enjoyed.

We talked to Fadhili about his garage, the Nairobi music scene, and why exactly the concert is free to attend.

What is Fadhilee’s Garage?
Fadhilee’s Garage is a monthly garage concert which provides an exclusive evening of fun, friendship, acoustic music and good vibes. The evening pursues an intimate, live- music experience for both the listeners and featured performers. It is a space where listeners sense music they are not hearing anywhere else this closely.

How did you get the idea for this kind of concert?
When you listen to recorded music, it is never the same as a live music performance. As a musician, I have always felt that music is not as genuinely received as when one gets up close and candid with the artist in a serene environment. Live performances allow both the artist and the listener to connect and relate intimately. Since I have always wanted to bring people together to listen to good music, my wife and I found our little garage to be the ultimate spot. It is small enough to fit our friends and family, comfy enough to snug tightly and yet still respect our privacy.

What do you think a concept like Fadhilee’s Garage adds to the Nairobi music scene?
Fadhilee’s Garage brings music close to the people. It aspires to underscore the diversity of music by exposing music enthusiasts in Nairobi to novel sounds. Music concerts are often stereotyped to be expensive and this misconception shy away masses. This is the core reason why we strip off all the pomp and glory of the stage concerts and just get down to a bare garage. This breaks the barrier of who can afford and who can’t. Essentially, music is a common culture to be shared.

What kind of music can people expect to hear at Fadhilee’s Garage?
People can always expect to find entertainers: singers, songwriters, composers, poets, story-tellers and motivational speakers who are all sharing their experiences through their art. This is all after a careful selection which allows the audience to choose what show to come for.

Who can attend?
Anyone who is interested is invited. However, we are limited to 50 guests who RSVP on email only. We accept guests on a first come, first served basis. If you submit an application to attend you will get a response confirming your attendance or a notice to let you know we are a full house.

The concert is free, what’s the thinking there?
At Fadhilee’s Garage, we strongly believe that if we make music accessible to one and all, we develop a culture of true fans and in the process it gives the artists a genuinely listening ear. Imagine an artist is so close you can feel their heartbeat…or a moment where you can drain their stage fright and share in it together…such experiences are rare and in my modest opinion, priceless! I still cannot put a price on how much one should pay for that experience. This is why it’s a free event where the 50 guests have a chance to endow their appreciation in a kind donation in the hat which solely goes to the artists.

How was the inaugural concert in December received?
The inaugural concert in December was tremendous in every way. The turn up was surprisingly wholesome: exquisite audience, lovely energy and subtle music. It was very well received and continues to build anticipation.

How are you building on that for this second one and future editions?
We are building up on a mailing list which we will be using to engage and inform our guests of our upcoming events and the performing acts that we will have the honor to host in future. Over time, Fadhilee’s Garage aims to cover a wide variety of acts - from veteran musical masters to emerging artists. Our event is family friendly; so parents can bring their kids who will enjoy great music and snacks. Presently, we are creating buzz on social media (at least just enough) to reach our target audience at the moment.

Fadhilee’s Garage 2 happens this Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2017 from 6:30 p.m. This month’s edition features two young, versatile, creative and innovative Norwegian Jazz musicians– Oddrun and Maren. Details→

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