Ezo is Kenya's first Neo-Japanese restaurant, led by a Michelin Stared Chef. Located on the second floor of Stellato Mall, (42 Muthithi Rd in Westlands), it recently opened its doors and offers its high-end clientele a unique culinary experience.
The first impression on entering Ezo is the style detail. There's a chic cocktail bar and the extensive collection of wines are offered in a stylish glass cabinet. With its carpeted floors, many mirrors, and ceilings emblazoned with gold hangings, it's clear that this is a restaurant focusing on ambience as much as on food; it is a very Instagrammable restaurant. Their ambiance is inspired by the vibrant volcanoes and valleys of Hokkaido island, once named EZO.
The attendants are friendly and offered to hang my coat and provided a purse stool for my handbag. Over a glass of bubbly, I perused the 6-course menu curated by Russian Michelin-starred chef, Evgeny Vikentev. 
The meal started on a strong note with a spicy Tuna Nikkei Ceviche, a Japanese-Peruvian fusion food. Chef Evgeny explained that the ceviche is traditionally served as a starter in most Nikkei restaurants.
Soon the table began to fill up with a variety of dishes including Japanese style beef tartare served on a cake of rice. I was a bit skeptical of eating raw beef, a new experience for me, but I was pleasantly surprised; the meat was finely chopped, nicely prepared and very tender. 
The octopus was served with eggplant and coconut Kefir sauce and I enjoyed the unusual bursts of flavor. My favourite dish was the duck breast, served in a vibrant pumpkin rose sauce and sesame - all the flavours came together to perfection.
The most popular dish with the other diners was the salmon served in prawn oil, passion fruit dashi and mango, a fresh, tasty and colourful dish.
The dessert was a beautiful finish to the meal. I had the coconut jelly served in Kaffir lime mousse, citrus sorbet and sesame merengue. I really enjoyed the medley of flavours and textures. It was the sort of dessert I could easily eat several times a week and never grow tired of. I highly recommend this.
Nairobi is replete with Japanese food offerings but the Ezo experience stands out as unique and special; why not try it for your next special occasion? Open from noon to midnight. Reserve a table here +254 11 3333 777 

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