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David Mwaniki

14 Nov 2012

David Mwaniki (1972,Nakuru) makes figurative sculptures which consist a combination of wood, metal and occasionally clay.

The metal used in the sculptures is derived from beer and soda cans giving the work a very contemporary touch. The sculptures are mostly concentrated on the female form and are inspired by women Mwaniki encounters in daily life.

Mwaniki first left the sculptures nude, but recently the female forms are dressed up with the help of materials from beverage cans. The reason for this change is that Mwaniki realistically wants to portray the female who mostly wear jewelry like earrings and bracelets.

Also the recent change in the work distinguishes Mwaniki from the artists who create female forms and leave them nude.

Award at the book launch “Peace and Reconciliation “by Dr. Sultan Somjee, Ethnography department at the National Museum of Kenya, Nairobi-Kenya (1998)

David Mwaniki2

-Group Exhibition, London-England (2004)
-Travelling exhibition throughout the United States of America (2002)
-“The best of East and Central Africa” Italian Institute of Culture, Nairobi(2000)
-Art Festival, National Museum of Kenya, Nairobi-Kenya(1999-2000)
-Art Affair, Village Market, Nairobi-Kenya (1998-1999)
-World Press Photo Exhibition, Nairobi-Kenya (1999)
-“Nairobi Insecurity” Goethe Institute and UN Headquarters Gigiri, Nairobi-Kenya (1999)
-Exhibition Sponsored by G.T.Z, Nairobi-Kenya (1998)
-“Best of Kuona Trust”, National Museum of Kenya, Nairobi-Kenya (1998)
-Exhibition, Goethe Institute, Nairobi-Kenya (1997)
-Exhibition, National Museum of Kenya (1997)

-Local publication, Nation Daily(2003)
-“2000 reasons to love the earth”Book,the Newtherlands(2002) – World Press Photo Booklet (1999)

Special Projects
-Resident teacher, International School of Kenya (2003 present)
-Sculptures for Natare Gardens, Bulbul Kajiado district-Kenya (2010)
-Sculptures for the National Museums of Kenya, Nairobi-Kenya (2010)
-Participant chainsaw workshop lead by Swedish Artist Ugo Giacometti, Kuona Trust Center for Visual Arts, Nairobi-Kenya(2000)
-Participants Video Art Workshop, Goethe Institute Nairobi-Kenya(2000)
-Joint sculpture with South African Artist Claudette, Aga Khan Walk, Nairobi-Kenya(1998)
-Special Arts Teacher, Kiambui School for the Hearing Impaired, Nairobi-Kenya(1999)
-East African Photography Workshop, Nairobi-Kenya(1999)

Contact: damnkind@yahoo.com
Call 0721 262326 to get in touch with artist.

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