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Cyrus Kabiru

14 Nov 2012

Cyrus Kabiru currently practices art in Nairobi. He is a self-taught painter and sculptor. His paintings are often humorous portrayals of contemporary living within Kenya.

Kabiru adopts the role of a flâneur, the observer, explorer, and lounger using his paintings as the output for his experiences. His sculptural work embodies his role as a “collector” of Nairobi cast offs.

Kabiru fashions and refashions this waste, recycled, and found materials into various forms. He is currently focusing on a series that depicts African nature using thousands of bottle caps sewn together. He is perhaps best known for his C-STUNNERS, an ongoing work where Cyrus creates and wears artistic bifocals.

The work sits itself between fashion, wearable art, performance, and one of a kind commodity objects. C-STUNNERS have a certain energy and playfulness that really captures the sensibility and attitude of a youth generation in Nairobi.

Cyrus Kabiru2

They portray the aspiration of the popular culture bling; they reflect the ingenuity and resourcefulness of people; the lenses provide a new filter giving a fresh perspective onto the world that we live in transforming the wearer not only in appearance but in mind frame as well.

Cyrus has had his work presented in a number of exhibitions and he continues to gain reputation in the local fashion scene both locally and internationally. He also did sculptures using found object e.g. bottle tops, wire, sponges e.t.c attending local and international workshops especially 2008 WASANII WORKSHOP in Kenya.

Also having participated in joint exhibitions locally and internationaly, ie DENMARK. Cyrus is a resident artist at Kuona Trust Art Center, in Nairobi.

Call 0721 262326 to get in touch with artist.

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