Carlota has been trying to tie down Jesus by her side and since her affection for him is not enough, , she decided to get pregnant.  Her stepmother, Victoriana, happily offered to help. The two do not get along but Victoriana wants Carlota to leave the house once she gets married to Jesus, which is why she offered her assistance.
Victoriana gave Carlota a drug to help her seduce Jesus. Carlota therefore invited Jesus to her room and offered him a drink. Her plans to seduce him were going well but everything was ruined when he passed out. Carlota had put too much of the drug so Jesus ended up knocked out.
At that time, Iker arrived to see Carlota's sister, Domenica.  Domenica had broken up with Iker after he got her deported and he was trying to win her back. Carlota took advantage of his presence to seduce him and he easily fell for it. After a few days, she started to feel sick and she hoped that she is already pregnant. She went to see a doctor but he said it is too soon to tell.
If Carlota is pregnant, she will be able to make Jesus commit to being with her and end his relationship with Mariluz. Will her plan work?
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