Elisa has finally found her sons! It has been a long and tedious search for her and her sons as they have been separated for a long time. Her sons do not remember her and Elisa could not recognize them since they had already grown up. She met Jesus first at the ranch but was mistaken when she found out that he worked for Augusto. She thought that her sons would not agree to associate themselves with Augusto.
Later, Elisa visited the garage where her sons worked and met Samuel. Here too, she thought she had found them but changed her mind when she found out that there were four brothers. This was because of their cousin, Adrian, who said that he was also part of the Guerrero family. Elisa was looking for three brothers and not four.
Finally, Elisa met Damian at a painting contest. The two of them got along quite well ever since they met. They were both apprehensive about sharing their stories with each other but Damian eventually opened up to Elisa. He told her about being abandoned by his own mother and would not forgive because she had committed murder. Augusto had accused Elisa of killing his father in law and the Guerrero brothers had believed it.  Elisa suspected that Damian was her son from his story and was able to confirm it when she visited the garage again. She was going to carry out a DNA test but when she found her picture and painting at the Guerrero's place, she was sure that they were her sons.
Elisa however has not been able to reconnect with her sons because they believe she is a murderer. She now plans to prove her innocence and be together with them. Do you think the Guerrero brothers will accept Elisa?
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