Domenika has been arrested for money laundering! She is the second daughter and the pride of the Guerrero family. When she suddenly returned home from her job as an air hostess, she could not explain to her parents why she was back. Her older sister, Carlota, found out that she was deported and was very happy to expose the truth because the two do not get along.
Domenika had been deported because she was caught with a suitcase full of money. The bag belonged to her then fiancé, Iker, who used her to smuggle the money into Mexico. Her father, Augusto, was furious and looked for Iker in order to make him confess the truth to the authorities. The irony however was that Iker worked for Augusto and the money actually belonged to him. Augusto was also mad that Iker had lost the money and ordered him to return it.
Iker agreed to help Domenika at first by saying that he tricked her into smuggling the money but he eventually changed his mind because he would be the one to go to prison. With no witness to back her story, Domenika was arrested and taken to prison. Augusto was able to get her released but she was taken under house arrest.
Augusto plans to find Iker, who is currently on the run and is trying to leave the country, and force him into confessing. Will Domenika be able to prove her innocence?
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