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5 Crazy Ways to Spend 221 Million Shillings

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The most insane ways to spend 221 million.

10 Funny Twitter Reactions About The Safaricom Outage

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Hell hath no fury like a #KOT scorned

12 Funny Twitter Reactions About Janet Jackson's Split From Her Billionaire Husband

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Janet Jackson just left her husband, Wissam Al Mana and the internet had some thoughts.

10 Pretty Funny AF Tweets About Beyoncé's Pregnancy

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Beyoncé's babies will literally be Destiny's Child!

Mansplaining Menstruation

LOL , Sex & Relationships
Can you control your periods by controlling your bladder?… Do you chase down hot men once a month?

Happy Black Friday!

What is black Friday?

Funny 'African Parents' Tweets We Can All Relate To

African parents are a special breed of people. But we still love them.

20 Hilarious Nadia Favre Tweets That Will Make You LOL

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Nadia is us, we are Nadia!

40 Thoughts I Had While Watching ‘Nairobi Diaries’ Season 3

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Lesson learnt. I’m never doing this again!

Ever Heard of a ‘Fellatio Café’? Well, Geneva’s About to Get One

In Geneva, customers will be receiving oral sex while taking coffee. Yikes.

YouTubers Read Mean Tweets and It Was Pretty Damn Funny

Jimmy Kimmel had the biggest internet stars on his show to read mean tweets about themselves and their channels.

Shaniqwa is Undoubtedly Kenya’s Greatest Drag Queen

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Shaniqwa is popularily known for her quote: 'Nitaku-Muuuurderrrr!'

When Instagram Gets You From 0 to 100 Real Quick!

If bae ever did this to me, I’d be mortified!

How The KenyaBuzz Team Would Look Like As Powerpuffs

To celebrate the return of the Powerpuff Girls to the small screen, we decided to turn our team into Powerpuffs and see how we’d fare as crime fighting kindergarteners.

What Your WhatsApp Group Says About You

KenyaBuzz Team shares some of the coolest WhatsApp groups that they're members of.

Meet Lord Evans, the Guy Who Created April Fools’!

Lord Evans, the guy who invented April Fools’ Day is of Nigerian descent.

5 Situations Where You Wish You Had the Guts to Speak Up

They say that honesty is the best policy, well, not all the time.