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Exciting Changes at Serena Mountain Lodge

Kids , Travel
Serena Hotels introduces the ‘Kids Club‘ at Mountain Lodge

Comparing Children’s Accounts at Kenya’s Banks

We compare features and requirements of different children’s bank accounts available in Kenya.

A Doula for Every Mother in Kenya

As an advocate for the mother, the goal of the doula is to help the mother have a safe and positive birth experience.

Get Wet And Wild For A Great Cause

The family-friendly charity fundraising White Water Rafting Challenge is back for a fourth time this May 19-21, 2017 at Savage Wilderness Camp, Sagana.

Child Safety at Places of Worship

Child safety at places of worship presents the dilemma of religious institutions wanting to be open to the public while still protecting their sanctuaries and their people.

Ziplining In The Kereita Forest: A Soaring Family Adventure Awaits

The Forest is an extraordinary adventure getaway that offers family-friendly activities including East Africa's longest zipline.

A Little Heaven This Easter

The Christ Church caters to the kiddos, and has the best activities and events for them this Easter.

Six Kid Activities For Nairobi Weekends

As special as lazing on the couch, catching up over special family-kitchen treats and napping for rest can be; there are great benefits to reap from taking children outdoors to socialize as well as engage in physical activities for wellness.

Does Your Child Have a Safety Network?

Child welfare experts encourage parents to help their children develop a safety network; identify five adults they might talk to if something bad happens to them, whether it is inappropriate touching (or worse), or other fears about safety.

How To Make An Inspiring Home Makeover On A Budget

All you need is a Sunday afternoon and some creativity.

Price Tracking Tips For Your House Shopping

You can never go wrong with a plan... and a good deal.

Home Shopping: When To Save vs. When To Spend

Do I splash on quality or do I go for the cheap but second-rate product.

Breast Milk Pumping 101 For The Nursing Mother

The hows, the whats and everything else.

Bulk Buying For Beginners

I’m willing to bet my perfume collection that one of the resolutions you made this year was to be better about money.

4 Activities To Keep Your Child Busy During This Long Holiday

School is out! Your children have a long holiday, but you don’t. What to do?

Luca Berardi Makes It To The Top 5 Finalists For The Children Climate Prize 2016

At the age of 8, Luca Berardi founded YARH (Young Animal Rescue Heroes) which has been working tirelessly in Kenya

Meet Little Miss Kenya 2016 Azura Wangui Hale, Learn How To Get Your Child In

Fashion & Beauty , Kids
The pageant saw competitors from 37 countries represented, with Kenya being among four African countries.

SOS Children's Villages - More Than Just Homes

FYI , Kids
What's fascinating about this programme is not the fact that each home in a village can host up to ten children, but that the fact that these villages are not just children's Villages

4 Awesome Edutainment Programs For Your Kids

Kids , TV Buzz
Get your kid up to speed with school work through this edutainment selection.