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Kenya’s Tourism Ministry Speaks Out After Successful Elections

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Kenya's tourism cabinet secretary Najib Balala praises election conduct while appealing to continued respect and peace

Kenya's Election Time Table Causes Next Aviation Audit to be Postponed

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Hope for quick US flights dashed as US postpones audit

Brother’s Keeper

Prisoners in East Africa are training as lawyers and representing each other in court. Over 2,000 inmates have been released as a result, including from death row.

WWF Says Wildlife Number Have Reduced By 60% Since 1970

Mankind the main reason for collapse of wildlife populations

Kenya's Foreign Minister Speaks With Upfront - Tonight On Al Jazeera

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We are not violating any obligations. If we were, the whole world would have come down like a ton of bricks right on our heads

Still Some Way To Go For Direct Flights To The US?

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Progress yes but no clearance as yet for Kenya – US flights

Do We Stand The Risk Of Forgetting What Happened At Westgate Mall?

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Save for some tighter security measures, Westgate mall is exactly the same as it was before September 21st 2013. It’s as if nothing happened there.

‘Tuko Macho’ Series Review: Of Kenyan Vigilantes Who Keep Watch

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‘Tuko Macho’ is the new Kenyan web series, of bad-ass superheroes saving Nairobi.

I Will Not Be Silenced

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After she was gang raped in her Lang’ata residence, Charlotte Campbell-Stephen was told she’d be best off going back to her native Australia. But she stayed in Kenya and fought for justice.

The Greed for Ivory Continues Unabated

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The President’s warnings have clearly fallen on deaf ears.

Are All Police Officers Really That Bad?

Are police officers the good, or bad guys?

The Antonio Trzebinski Case: Scandal Inside Karen’s Elite Community

This is Antonio Trebinski's murder scandal, that happened 15 years ago. And is now unfolding in a Kenyan law court.

Incorporate Our Demands For Improved Security Measures or Else

The only party still smelling of roses in the increasingly drawn out battle behind the scenes between several stakeholders including Zaventem Airport, Aviation Security and Police at present is Brussels Airlines.

Poachers Kill Pregnant Rhino

A conservancy wide alarm was sounded prompting additional ground units to be sent into the field leading to the arrest of two suspects who are now in custody and undergoing interrogation.

Kenyan Police Calls Attack on Uber Driver ‘Attemped Murder’

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Nairobi’s cab drivers have again shown utter disregard for the rule of law and exposed themselves to more allegation of having hooligans and criminals among their ranks...

Local Program Takes Aim at Kenya’s Public Transport System

The program aims to improve employment prospects in the industry for both men and women, and the ability of these people to earn a livelihood.

More Chinese Nabbed With Blood Ivory While in Transit Via Nairobi

Do not carry Ivory or we shall arrest you, prosecute you and jail you.

Magufuli's Iron Broom Now Sweeps TCAA Managers Out of Office

The suspension is not yet a sacking

Get Inspired by TEDx from Kamiti Maximum Prison

An event that showcases the amazing and often unrecognized work that goes on within prison walls.

Burundi Crisis Can Destabilize Entire Region, Prompting Calls for Intervention

East African powers must now stand up to be counted.