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Fourth Asian Weekly Achievers Awards Ceremony Fetes Society’s Movers and Shakers

Arts & Culture
Awards were given out to 17 categories featuring over 80 nominees.

‘Every Brilliant Thing’ Review: A Million Reasons To Live

Arts & Culture
The most fun, profound and interactive theatre experience you’ll ever have.

‘Every Brilliant Thing’ Is Going To Be The Most Unique Theatre Experience Of 2017

Arts & Culture
Starring the incredible Davina Leonard and directed by John Sibi-Okumu.

‘A Man Like You’ Leads The Sanaa Theatre Awards Nominations

Arts & Culture
Vote for it and all your favourite plays of 2016.

Binti Mwangaza Fundraiser

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We want to thank our generous donators so so much, we couldn’t have done it without you.

KenyaBuzz People's Choice Awards: Nominate Your Favourites Of 2016

Arts & Culture , Celebrity Buzz , FYI
All events, organizers, venues, and entertainers eligible for the categories can be nominated.

Want To Hold A Successful Event? Here Are 13 Tips To Pull And Retain A Crowd

Arts & Culture , FYI
When it comes to daunting and stressful activities, planning an event probably falls right up there with moving house and dealing with in laws.

Rift Valley Railways Supports The ‘Kampala Art Biennale‘

Arts & Culture , Travel
This is the second edition of the Kampala Art Biennale organized by the Kampala Arts Trust, a private initiative under the theme ‘Seven Hills‘

2nd UNESCO National Cultural Celebrations #CelebrateCulture

Arts & Culture
Kenya has a rich pre-historic heritage which tells the story of man's origin and evolution. Several thousand fossils and artifacts spanning over 27 million years have been discovered in Kenya.

15 Men From Some Of The Sexiest African Tribes

Arts & Culture
There are over 3000 ethnic groups in Africa, showcasing our beautiful heritage and culture.

The July All-Night Gaming LAN Party Was The Bomb

Arts & Culture
This was my second time attending the gaming night and I have to say, just as memorable as the first.

10 Must Attend Events This August

Arts & Culture
These are some of the events you should attend this month.

5 Insanely Easy DIYs You Can Pull Off In 5 Minutes

Arts & Culture
This is fun and pretty easy!

Lessons Millennials Can Learn From ‘BLAZE B.Y.O.B’

Arts & Culture
A motivation to the youth, the millennials – that they can be who they’ve always dreamed of becoming: Be Your Own Boss.

Anupam Kher Starting An Acting School In Kenya

Arts & Culture , Movie Buzz
Film training in Kenya is about to get serious!

Must Attend Events In July

Arts & Culture
These are the must attend events this month.

Lyra Aoko: Photographer In Praise Of Beauty And The Melanin Girl

Arts & Culture , Interviews
Showcasing the beauty that is portrait photography.

The Trip Down Memory Lane That Was Cake Art Affair

Arts & Culture
Of cakes, music and vintage wear.

A Roast at Peponi

Arts & Culture
Peponi House Preparatory School hosts its 3rd annual comedic take down of each other, The Revue.